The Life Learning Track

The Life Learning Track (LLT) is a track of the Val Ogden Center that promotes recovery and enhanced quality of life for individuals wanting to improve upon their overall wellness. The LLT focuses on broadening the skill set of participants so that they can be successful in the living, working, social, and educational environment of their choice. By utilizing peer support, community resources, and natural supports the Life Learning Track can help to support individuals in moving forward in an area of life that might currently be causing difficulties.

Once enrolled in the program participants meet with a peer specialist to identify specific goals they would like to work towards. The first component of the program takes place in a classroom environment where peers learn new skills and offer support to one another. Participants and their Peer Support Specialist will then identify ways in which the participant can utilize these new skills in the community as a whole.

Topics covered in the Life Learning Track include but are not limited to…

-Nutrition and Intuitive Eating

-Overcoming Social Anxiety


-Home Organization

-Financial Wellness

-Managing Physical Health


(360) 253-4036



8:30 AM-5:30 PM


10201 NE Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98662