The Washington Peer Advancement Coalition (WaPAC) seeks to advance, recognize, engage and integrate peer support in our places of residence, work environments, communities, and state. Beginning in 2017, WaPAC represents the nine regional services areas (RSA) as it assesses the peer support services and advocates for increasing the recovery-oriented peer services in all communities statewide. We meet annually as a statewide group and monthly as regional groups.

Happenings within WaPac:

Burien Meeting in September 2018

WaPAC gathered to discuss their participation in the goals of the Developing Peer Support Communities grant. Excitement grew for developing peer-run support groups in various locations.

WaPac’s Current Goals:

  • Identify effective assessment tools and best application of them.

  • Identify recovery supports needs in rural regions

  • Establish plans for putting the needs assessment in the field of rural RSA’s

  • Complete a minimum of two rural RSA needs assessments each year.

  • Develop and implement regional strategies for:

    • Informational campaigns for healthcare providers

    • Stigma reducing approaches for overcoming barriers to hiring consumers

    • Advocacy training

    • Trauma-informed peer support

    • Supporting alternative peer-run recovery services

    • Providing peer-based trainings to meet recovery support service needs.

Next Statewide WaPAC meeting is in the Spring of 2019

Phone: 360.787.8406

Wa-PAC Vision and Mission Statement

Wa-PAC Application

Developing Peer Support Communities is funded through the SAMHSA Statewide Consumer Network Grant number: SM080846