Job Prep 101


Class Description

Job Prep 101 workshops are open to any Members who are thinking about or interested in obtaining employment or a volunteer opportunity.  The workshops are designed to provide a venue for the education, support, and motivation of its members.  Participants may include Members in all stages of the employment process, including those who need to address fears, barriers to employment and ambivalence around returning to work.  Individuals can resolve mixed feelings about work, increase knowledge of the world of work, investigate individual interests and abilities, prepare a resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, obtain linkages to outside employment resources or opportunities, and work on the soft skills needed to be successful at work, education, or volunteering!

Who Benefits?

Anyone who is thinking about or interested in obtaining employment or a volunteer opportunity out in the business community.  Be prepared and impress potential employers for getting the opportunity you want!


Every Thursday from 11 AM- 12 PM


The VOC Group Room

Pre-Registration Required?


Example Topics

  • How to write an appealing cover letter: What is a Cover Letter? And what do I need to know to create a good one? 

  • Time Management

  • Connecting what you love with what you do

  • Interviewing techniques: how to tackle behavioral interview questions, what to bring to interviews and how to answer ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ 

  • Managing Emotions at Work

  • And much more...